You Will Watch Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 If…

For movie lovers, the upcoming release of the American Superhero film The Guardians of the Galaxy 2 shall surely provide for a good watch.This is a sequel to the first movie that debuted in 2014 and is expected to capture the attention of many people in the cinemas as from 5 May 2107.

Guardians of the Galaxy is a movie that has been directed by James Gunn and stars personalities such as Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, and Karen Gillan.It is a 3D Action Science Fiction and has a running time of 136 minutes.It has been produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

When you watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2, the Guardians make a voyage throughout the Cosmos as they help Peter Quill unravel the mystery behind his parentage.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2
Chris Pratt, who stars as Peter Quill. This character is half human, half alien who is the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy.He was captured by a group of aliens called the Ravagers, who raised him away from earth.
Zoe Saldana as Gamora.
This is also a member of the Guardians who seeks redemption for her past crimes.She is an orphan from an alien world who is trained by Thanos as his personal assassin.Saldana describes Gamora’s role in the movie as one who always had the voice of reason and who was way ahead of the other group members.

Dave Bautista who stars as Drax the Destroyer.
He stars as a character who is filled with a vengeance since he wants to avenge the death of his family members who were killed by Thanos.He is a is also a member of the Guardians.

Elizabeth Debicki as Ayesha.
This is the golden High Priestess and the leader of the Sovereign People.
This movie has done well according to Box Office projections since as of March 2017, it had an opening weekend gross of $160 million in the United States for the film.This also includes a total of $400 million as total domestic gross.


The Bottom Line
This sequel of the Guardians of the Galaxy volume 1 will surely leave you yearning for more since it is more thrilling and entertaining than the previous volume.It is set to get the heads of many people turning as it hits the Cinemas on April 25th, 2017.

Fifty Shades Darker – What’s it About?

Fifty Shades Darker comes to you this Valentine’s Day in a more erotic and deeper style than Fifty Shades of Grey. This movie is the second of the Fifty Shades trilogy and outlines the deepening connection and relationship between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. Christian is a young rich business man while Anastasia is a college graduate.

Anastasia begins working for Jack Hyde as his personal assistant three days after leaving Christian. Jack is an editor at Seattle Independent Publishing and he keeps on asking Anastasia out on a date which makes her uncomfortable, but she lets it go. Christian emails her offering her a ride to a gallery exhibition in Portland hosted by her friend Jose Rodriguez. She accepts and the two later make out on alley after they attend the exhibition.

Fifty Shades Darker full movie

Later, Christian and Anastasia go to a restaurant for a dinner date where Christian shows that he wants her back. He makes a proposal to her that they go back to dating under Anastasia’s conditions without punishments and rules and she accepts.

Christian makes a move that will affect Anastasia’s career hence making her angry at him. Moreover, Christian reveals to Anastasia that Jack has had five harassment cases reported by his five previous assistants. The information proves accurate when Jack corners her after her shift and blackmails her and forcefully asks for favors of sexual nature. Will she escape? Will Jack save her?

As a past seducer to Christian and a current business partner, Elena Lincoln is not happy about the relationship Christian has with Anastasia. She therefore antagonizes Ana and tries to ruin the newly rekindled relationship. Will she succeed?

watch 50 Shades Darker

Christian’s past comes back to haunt Ana. Leila Williams, one of former sub missives to Christian, stalks Ana. Ana is terrified when she realizes that Leila carries a gun. Leila’s obsession started when her lover was killed by a car crush four months prior, and as a result she got a mental breakdown. She breaks into Ana’s apartment and points a gun at her as she threatens her.

Later in the film, Ana is worried that Christian cannot be satisfied by a normal relationship. She therefore confronts him regarding Leila Williams. Christian is afraid that Ana is leaving him for the second time and proposes to her in an effort to stop her from leaving him.

Before his 28th birthday, Christian goes missing in a helicopter as he was flying with Ros Bailey to Seattle from Portland. Both engines of the helicopter failed after being sabotaged. Will he make it back? Will he discover the perpetrator?

watch Fifty Shades Darker on Valentine’s Day and uncover the mystery.

To Rogue or Not to Rogue, That is the Question!

A Star Wars Story: Rouge One is the upcoming new movie for the series of Star Wars movies, which is scheduled to be released on the 16th of December 2016 in the United States. Tony Gilroy and Chris Weitz originally wrote the storyline of this movie based on a novel that was written *by the person named Gary Whitta and* John Knoll. It was produced by Lucasfilm company. The American director Gareth Edwards directed it, and Walt Disney Studios Motion picture company is responsible for this movie. The production of this movie started in August 2016, and it is considered a set between the two movies* “Revenge of the Sith” *and* “Star Wars:The Episode IV A New Hope” from The Star Wars series.

Movie description

A Star Wars Story: Rouge One is an epic adventure for SCI-Fi viewers, it pictures the conflict between the group of incomparable heroes united together to complete an epic mission. The main mission in the movie is trying to steal the Emperor’s weapon of destruction, which are the plans made for The Death Star.

The main focus of the story is picturing some extraordinary people doing extraordinary mission, using extraordinary abilities. To discover at the end of the mission that they were something bigger than what they expected.

The storyline

The events start after the Rogue One Stream formation, when Mon Mothma sets Jyn Erso, one of the criminalized and rebellion soldiers on a challenging mission of stealing the plans made for Death Star. Jyn Erso with the help of the devoted rebels like the Non- Allied Forces, A Master swordsman, will discover that her fate is just bigger than what she believed.

You can watch the movie trailer here:

Movie Cast and Main Characters

Felicity Jones: she plays the role of Jyn Erso, a criminalized rebellion solider, which was put behind bars. She will take on a desperate mission with her Rebel Alliance.

Diego Luna: play the role of the Cassian Andor, the officer in the Rebel Alliance* Intelligence Department. Captain Andor is a respected leader among his troops, and an experienced filed solider and leader. Captin Andor has the ability to complete any mission with the minimal resources.

Ben Mendelsohn: plays the role of Orson Krennic, a director for advanced weapon researches conducted for the Imperial military department. Orson is a very cruel man, but brilliant at the same time. He is famous for delivering the Emperor a fictional battle station.

Rogue One

Movie Filming and Directing

The principal filming location for the movie was the Elstree studios, and the movie was shot with Arri Alexa Cameras which uses Ultra Panavision 70 lenses. The movie was shot in different locations around the world, including Maldives islands, Jordan and Iceland.

Movie Details

Release Date: Get ready for the Rogue One Stream 16th of December 2016

Country: USA

Language: English

Runtime: 133 min

Movie Genres: Sci Fiction- Adventure- Action

MPAA Rating: PG-13. As the movie contains a lot of violent Sci-Fi scenes that could be too intense for children.

Box office Estimate

Box office professional estimated the open up of the movie in the box office is up to $135 million in the movie opening, to reach a total gross of $405 million.

Suicide Squad is Coming Soon…

Suicide Squad is a movie set to be released on August 5th in the United States. There is still not a huge amount of information about it that has been released, but some has been confirmed. The film will star Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Joel Kinnaman and others.

Watch Suicide Squad on August 5th!

The film is based on the DC Comics team of the same name, and will be about a group of incarcerated super villains being recruited by a secret government agency allIARGUS’ to perform tasks in order to keep the world safe from an unknown adversary. According to the producer Charles Roven, this main villain may be referred to simply as “The Adversary”, with its team of weird creatures featured in many of the promotional posters going by the names 5111Eyes of The Adversary’.

Suicide Squad's Actors/Actresses
The cast play a wide array of super villains, with Jared Leto taking on the role of the psychopathic “Joker”, a character who feeds of mind games and mentally torturing others. Will Smith plays “Deadshot”, who is an expert in marksmanship and a deadly assassin, and is a strong ally of “Harley Quinn”, played by Margot Robbie. Quinn was teased by the producers as being potentially a fans favourite, but Robbie described her character as being manipulative. Quinn is also set to have a potentially unhealthy relationship with the Joker, with Robbie calling it all addictive’ and hinting that she may be dependent on the Joker which could be a mental illness. Jai Courtney who plays “Captain Boomerang” described his character as the a Dreal asshole of the group’ who is racist, sexist and annoys the rest of the group with his sheer ignorance.

Not all of the characters are on this mission by force, some decide to volunteer their powers to help out This includes “Katana” portrayed by Karen Fukuhara, who is an expert swords-woman and martial-artist, and serves as a bodyguard to Joel Kinnaman’s “Rick Flag”. Flag is an army officer who leads the task force, but is used to having orders followed, something the super villains are not set to do. Kinnaman points out that his character does over the course of the movie realize just how effective they are as a team. The Government official giving the team’s orders is “Amanda Waller”, played by Viola Davis. Davis claims her character’s powers are her “intelligence and complete lack of guilt”.

There are several other super villains who are under tight wraps, much like the plot itself. All we know for sure is that all will be revealed when Suicide Squad is released on August 5th. Are you going to watch suicide squad?

My Captain America: Civil War Review – Must Read!

Captain America is back for his third film and this time around it is getting very personal. The latest installment pick ups shortly after the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie. The Avengers have assembled into a team of heroes that is being led by Captain America and Tony Stark (Iron Man). When the Avengers complete a mission and it leads to collateral damage; the government wants some protocols in place to keep the team accountable for their actions.

Tony Stark is all for government intervention. Captain America, does not think it is such a good idea. This is where the uneasy alliance between the two heroes begin to go south. Keep in mind that Stark and Cap have always been at odds with each other. They never seen eye to eye on a lot of things but this time around their differences get the best of them.

Soon Captain America and Iron Man are battling one another for control of the team. The heroes that have signed up to become Avengers have to make a decision about which leader they are going to follow. In case you did not know, there are a whole slew of new team members that have joined the Avengers.

New team members include the Winter Soldier, Falcon, War Machine, Black Panther, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man, Crossbones and Helmet Zero. Do not forget that Black Widow and Hawkeye are going to be back in the action as well. There are also going to be some surprise heroes as well. Thor and Hulk are still on the team.

The graphics are as good as they were in the previous films. CGI or computer generated imagery is the primary form of technology that is used for making the super hero films. The heroes battle scene are filled with amazing and never before seen action sequences. Without giving away too much of the plot, Iron Man and Captain America’s battle scenes are unforgettable.

Each of the heroes get to use their powers during the conflict and they go toe to toe with one another. Hawkeye battles against Ant-Man, Iron Man takes on Ant-Man, Black Panther versus Winter Soldier and some heroes get eliminated from the conflict. The battles rages on throughout the film and Captain America and the Winter Soldier give Iron Man a fight that he will not soon forget.

The best part of this film were not just the fight sequences but the story line itself. The world wanted the heroes to protect the Earth. However, whenever the Avengers did protect the world they ended up causing a lot of damage along the way. Since this was the case, each country’s government decided that they wanted to regulate the Avengers. Captain America is not happy about their decision.

This part of the film shows the reality of how the world would respond to super heroes if they were real. This aspect of the film helped to make the movie seem very realistic. There was very few scenes that were not good in the film. Sometimes the Marvel films drag on when they are trying to make a point or stand up for some cause. Other than that it is a great movie.

Captain America 3 was already going to be a box office success before it reached theaters. The film is loaded with just about everything that a comic book fan would love about Marvel heroes. Though the story line is not exactly the same as in the comic books; the movie still remains true to the original story. I really enjoyed this film and I cannot wait until the next installment of the Avenger’s franchise. Check out this flick and you will be glad that you did. Surprisingly, Captain America 3 full movie has been leaked online and the internet is going crazy! Check it out over at AnotherHotMovie and you won’t be disappointed (I am not affiliated with AnotherHotMovie in any way, just a site I use often)!

Who Will Win: Batman or Superman?

Marvel comics was way ahead of the curve when they unleashed their Marvel cinematic universe phases. They showed the world that it was possible to put together a movie that included all your childhood comic book heroes. With the billions made by marvel from the box office, it was only a matter of time before DC comic book fans had a chance to watch some of their favorite comic book heroes go toe to toe with villains on the big screen. This is what DC comics intends to do with Batman VS Superman: Dawn of justice. The comic book company hopes to make a major entry into the dawn of the justice league with this movie, and they thought that it would be best to have two fan favorite comic book heroes to face off in a mighty battle of brawn vs wit, right vs wrong.

Batman V. Superman

The concept behind the upcoming movie is nothing short of pure awesome. There is no better story to tell than who will deliver justice to the other. If anything, every fan wants to know who will be the better hero when batman and Superman finally get to face off. The idea that Batman will be angling to rein in an all-powerful alien who thinks should answer to someone other than himself is superb. But what is even better than this is the how he is going to effect this. How is he going to take on a man who is clearly more superior than he is on all fronts? A man who is immune to most of his gadgets and artillery. This showdown between the two superheroes is what is keeping most fans waiting with bated breath for the movie.

Dawn of Justice

Regardless of dawn of justice being about superman and batman, the heroes cast will include more than just the bat of Gotham and son of Krypton. The cast will include the Wonder woman and Aqua man, both of which are to make a big entrance into the big screen. Warner bros have made sure that the fans get a good idea of what the fans are to expect come 25th March. The trailers to Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice has been nothing short of incredible. The trailers depict that Bruce Wayne/ Batman as an older, battle hardened man who is more lethal as an old man, willing to go to extreme lengths to make sure that Superman/ Clark Kent answers for the damage he brought to Metropolis after his battle with general Zodd. This tells you that the movie is going to be a box office success.

Deadpool is Hot and is Coming Soon!

Deadpool is an an action SciFi superhero film based upon the Marvel Comics personality with the same name. It focuses on a former special forces personnel, Wade Wilson who is currently a mercenary. After being detected with cancer, he consents to undergo a rogue experiment that subsequently leave him with powers for accelerated healing. He then picks the name Deadpool for his alter ego. He makes it his life’s goal to hound the guy who virtually destroyed his life.

the full deadpool movie is a fantastic film to watch which blends a rapid paced activity genre and the SciFi category that is synonymous with the Xmen films. All the followers of the X men trilogy will certainly enjoy this movie as it does not dissatisfy. The manufacturer has managed to integrate refined psychological scenes that have you connected as well as getting in touch with the characters and their predicament. Ryan Reynolds, that plays the personality Deadpool is absolutely in his aspect in this movie. Amazing graphics with an upgrade on the Xmen universe and extremely high technology noise acoustics, this flick is a great watch anywhere anytime.

This outstanding films is currently readily available online in HD. To view the Deadpool complete motion picture online, you will certainly need to go to site that stream movies online. And also they are fairly a number. You additionally have the alternative of downloading and install the motion picture which really does not make a whole lot of sense in any kind of situation.

Enjoying the Deadpool complete movie online is quite simple and also has simple functional actions to comply with.
1. Kind on your default browser Deadpool complete film. The web page that opens will certainly note all the websites where you could watch the entire flick online which you can then follow to figure out if what they assert is indeed real.

Remember that there are lots of version of this movie from a collection of trailers, to a grainy, inadequate sound video camera version, to an accurately pirated version to the exceptional HD variation. You definitely intend to view the HD version. This will certainly be a trial as well as mistake procedure. You could kind on the internet browser your excellent online flick internet site as well as adhere to the web link.

2. The following thing you have to do is to look the Deadpool flick on the site and click the watch online button rather than the download switch.

3. If you have truly fast web speed, you could download and install the film without the aggravating disruption of buffering or downtime. However, if your internet speed is sluggish, you can click on the watch now button and the play button on the face of the on-line flick player then click the pause button and allow the movie to buffer for some minutes before you watch it.

Make certain you have the snacks ready as well as the drinks as you appreciate the thrill that Deadpool takes you through, Exclusively on AnotherHotMovie

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is Modern Art

Perhaps you know me or you don’t. That does not really matter – I am a politician, so I’m used to that type of thing. In addition important, plus more interesting, is exactly what I’m going to let you know right present. Someone told me recently that I might get my personal Star Wars 7 full movie experience online. Yes, Yes, it sounds pretty out there, yet it’s true. In fact i was skeptical too, in the beginning, however i investigated all of it and, yes, he was right. In politics, you’ll need time for you to relax once in awhile, and watching an incredible movie is a great option.

So, to start with he explained concerning the new Star Wars movie. I have been keen on the franchise for some time, long enough to remember watching A New Hope on VHS years ago. And not in a galaxy far, distant, as I’ve always lived right here in America, the best country on earth. But hey, like i said previously, I am a politician, and that means you wouldn’t expect me to express whatever else! One time i was younger, being totally hooked through the battle involving the Empire along with the Rebellion, and thrilled with the stunning computer graphics George Lucas employed in the movies.

star wars 7 full movie

Then, Episodes 1, 2, and 3 arrived, and I had fun with those, too, though I’d started my political career with that time, and so i could simply geek out in my personal home. It won’t look too good if you’re arguing about lightsabers about the stump during an election campaign! And today, the subsequent installment with this fantastic franchise has been given, and that i wanted some way of watching it privately. You understand how intrusive the press may be! Then when I been told by this guy that Star Wars 7 full movie screenings were possible online, it felt like I’d won a prize. I became so happy, can you believe it.

You are probably wondering what pretty much everything has to do with you. Yeah, I understand – because I am a politician, you believe I’m just saying these things so that you’ll prefer me within the next election. And sure, I would like to be re-elected – every politician does! But it doesn’t matter whom you root for in politics, what matters right now is the spectacle of Alien 7 will likely be available for people. It will likely be a truly amazing experience, and I’d really hate for everyone to overlook out because they couldn’t arrive at a theater. It is precisely what this is centered on – I want everyone in order to see this movie.

Woodworking is a Form of Modern Art!

Woodworking is an art that aims at creating artistic pieces from wood. It is a practice that was started hundreds of years ago. Wood is an environmental friendly material. This is why it is preferred over other substances like metal and plastic. The increase of environmental friendly ways has given wood more preferences over other substances. There are different types of woods available in the market today. The basic ones include; hardwood, softwood and man-made look alikes to wood like plywood and MDF.

types of wood

Woodworking has greatly evolved into what can be called modern woodworking. We see today’s wood workers use sophisticated techniques to create pieces. The pieces are modern and sophisticated. A great product that will help you with all your woodworking needs is one called teds woodworking. With the passing of years, people have had different inspirations that have seen the industry evolve to what it is today. This does not mean that traditional techniques of wood curving have been abandoned completely. These techniques are used from time to time but the end product is what has changed. The final pieces have changed into better looking and edgy pieces.


Today’s wood work creations have a twist in them as compared to the past. Their shapes and material used provide edgy furniture rather than old fashioned pieces. If you ask the professionals, they would confirm that every piece they create is different from the last one they made. From the wood used to the tools and techniques used in the creation of every piece, the end pieces stand out from their ancient pieces. What then is meant by sophisticated and edgy pieces? These are pieces which have unexpected finishes and twists to them. They are not the plain cut out pieces from years back. The inspiration behind every woodwork is what has made the work be more of modern. Artists are inspired differently today as compared to their friends from years back. This is what has seen the emerging of work that is different and work that represents the future.



To be able to curve wood, the skills and techniques can be learned. There are various institutions that offer tutorials on how to be a wood curver. The good thing about these schools is that what is taught in the schools is more of modern ways rather than traditional ones. These institutions have produced students who are equipped with knowledge of how to stay competitive in their field. It requires one to be creative to stay competitive in the current world. This is what has seen this industry evolve so much and embrace modern technology.

With everyone embracing technology as the current trend, wood curving cannot be left out in this move. This has contributed to woodwork being more of modern than traditional. Main reason for the move being not to be left out as the world is moving forward.

Basic Things You Should Know About Modern Art

It was after the emergence of the Industrial Revolution that modernism was born. The birth of modernism was during the period of drastic changes in transportation, manufacturing and technology. All the changes affected the economic, social and cultural condition of people in North America, Western Europe and eventually the whole world. Modern art is one of the products of modernism.

Modern Art example 1.
Modern art is said to have started in 1863. It was Edourd Manet who made the irreverent and shocking painting of ‘Le dejeuner sur l’herbe’ which was exhibited in the Salon des Refuses in the city of Paris. In fact, Manet’s painting became one of the most scandalous pictures in the 19th century. Manet’s work of art is just the start of the rise of various types of art. After Manet’s painting, a lot of modern paintings which were based on new materials, new methods and new themes have been created. The new art that Manet started lasted for a whole century. A lot of art movements which embraced hyperrealism and pure abstraction were seen by the public.

Moving on, artists upholding modernism have the firm belief that art really matters. For them, art has a real value. Art for them is a way of communicating with other people. Their works of art are significant in making other people know what they are fighting for. Below is the list of the characteristics of modern art that make it different with other types of art.

1. It creates new types of art.

Artists who are using the modern method developed collage art, a variety of kinetic art, different forms of assemblage, animation, several genres of photography, performance art and earthworks or land art.

A different type of art.

2. It uses new types of materials.

Modern painters put objects such as newspaper and other items to their canvases. Sculptors practice their profession by the use of junk art which can be made through ‘found or junk objects.’ While assemblages are being created through the use of the most common everyday items such as suitcases, clocks, cars, wooden boxes and many other more.

3. It uses new techniques.

Jules Cheret invented a new technique called chromolithography. Surrealist painters like Decalcomania and Frottage created automatic drawing. Action painting was developed by gesturalist painters. While fine art was combined with silkscreen painting and ‘Benday dots.’



Indeed, there are a lot of things that you must know about the art used by modernism. The art that modernism developed created a huge impact to all individuals around the world. Art also had a great role in social movements during the 19th century. So give time to know more about art and be amazed by the benefits it can give to the world.